Look at all the improvements, which I am offering

  • Changing of the wheels

    I use skateboard or inline wheels made from polyurethane, they have the optimal size and toughness, and you can choose embedded bearings of the highest quality in a variety of colours depending on your personal preference. Also I always change the shaft for a new stainless steel one.
  • Attachment of waterproof and abrasion resistant side pockets

    When the bag falls on its side, sooner or later the pockets will get damaged. I offer the production and stitching of pockets made of strong rubber, which is usually used for the production of soles of shoes with leather/metal edges. The pockets will hold everything you need, f.e. headphones, anti-vibrating weights, an iPad or a pack of 7 inch records.
  • Repairs of the trolley/handrail

    I´m offering all repairs of the handrail by using very flexible and solid 3D printing platic. In my personal experience, the comfortable and controllable bag usage is the most important thing for djs. The higher level of control over the bag is more important than its storability (f.e. when chasing a tram or crossing the tram lines). That's why I remove the original handrail provided by the manufacturer when necessary and swap it for a indestructible steel handrail, which is made from one piece, and you can choose the colour of the paint.
  • Increasing the stability of the bag

    We know the compressor straps from outdoor equipment such as backpacks, their usage is the same in this case: They highly increase the stability of a full record bag while driving. You will never again be surprised by a bump on the tarmac, a hole in the pavement or a sharp turn, when the full record bag falls on its side due to its higher centre of gravity.
  • Improvement of the backside

    Is your flap hiding the trolley mechanism on the back side of the bag also ripped by the constant usage of escalators and hitting the sidewalks? I will improve it with a rubber cover, which will hold for hundreds of years.
  • Changing pedestal

    The pedestal get scuffed after a few years. I offer a complete replacement for a new one made of wood or plastic.