Disco Moreti

“Just awesome!”

Disco Moreti (Ankali)


“I recently bought a recordbag on the internet, but when I got there, I found out it had no straps on the back! As if on call, Ahonz called me to need to make a logo for his bag pimpin´ business. That’s why we picked it up: He has got the logo and I´ve got a tattered back bag with comfortable straps. What I’m gonna catch when I’m out of Punto Prague in the morning, as if I did not carry anything.”

Brada (Breakbeat.cz)


“My Magma Trolley 100 got new wheels. Absolute game changer. Ahonz has come up with this great solution, and it’s really incomparable, you almost do not know if the bag is behind you! Noise is absolutely minimal, resistance almost zero. Thanks and you, if you have some probs like that too, write to Ahonz and he will look at you carefully.”

PDCH (Brno)


“The ultimate UDG vinyl bag fix! Thanks to the mighty Ahonz.”

Kan-jacca (Bassistaz, Prague) 


“With all repairs (wheels changing + broken handrail) from Ahonz I am extremely happy. His golden hands have broken my aching back and moreover, during the repair I could use his bag!”

Yacube (Possitiva, Bratislava)


“He is The man!””

Spigl (Axaminer Recs., Prague)


Ahonz did complete repair of my old Zomo dj bag backside, new wheels, new inner construction and it looks really immortal! Thanks!

Sat (Groove Bar, Prague)


As he said, he did. Quick, precise and really cheap. Thanks Ahonz I don’t have to buy new dj bag!

dMIT.RY (Neo Violence, Prague)